Thursday, April 1, 2010

Nouriel Roubini outlook for the 2010 Economy

Renowned economist Nouriel Roubini gives his perspective of what economic challenges U.S. will face in 2010 and answers CitizenTube users' questions on the financial crisis.

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Anonymous said...

I hear what Nouriel says, but who and what government is ever going to be the one to raise taxes (not going to be in power long are they)? Goverenments are good at giving away cash, not good at balancing the books. Some years ago Keating (Australian Prime Minister) said, "It's the recession we had to have." I remember Britain in the 70s & 80s when a similar approach to the economy took sway. In economics at Unit i was always taught, 'if you prop up non-viable business by taxing the viable business, all you do is prolong the pain and damage the real income generators, the businesses you really want to flourish.' What have the stimulus packages done around the world but prop up hollow shells at the expense of others and hide dept in closed books on government shelves. When did eonomic policy change, when politicians were more concerned about THEIR jobs and POPULARITY than getting the economy back on track? Oh, and Nouriel, you may have 'told us so,' but you sure as hell changed your mind from the 'L' recovery, 'U' recovery and 'W' double dip. People make financial decisions on the opinions you espouse, it would be nice if you would admit you got it wrong or at least publicly explain your change of tack instead of developing completely new opinions withwout reference to the previous ones. What will you do if it (the economy) flops in 10yrs, refer to your opinions of 2008/9 (dust off the u-tube) and ignore your comments of 2010 Gee, i thought you knew everything, but if you espouse contrary opinion without challenge, you will be. SEE, YOU ARE BRILLIANT!

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