Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Russia Fears BP Fallout from Spill - Russia provides 25% of BP Oil

Rachel Ziemba, a senior analyst at RGE Roubini Global Economics LLC says that it is possible that BP is about to sell some of its Russian assets as a consequence of the Oil spill costs in the Gulf of Mexico : BP Will Be Wary of Selling Assets "this is not have been an easy relationship for BP , I do not think it is going to change any time soon...I assume that BP will be selling more assets general in the Russian oil sector the government is very involved says Ziemba the major Russian companies might be interested in some of these assets ....
June 23 (source : Bloomberg)
Russia seeks assurance over BP - Russia provides 25% of BP Oil , TNK-BP is Russia third oil Producer it provides 25% of BP's output and Reserves , pumps more than 10Bln Barrels a day TNK-BP provides 14% of BP profits...Russia may tighten deep water Rules

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