Friday, August 27, 2010

Roubini : double dip risk is now 40%

Nouriel Roubini said earlier through his twitter feed that Q3 GDP growth very likely to be below 1%; and likely to be closer to 0% than to a pathetically lousy 1%. So double dip risk is now > 40%” and he confirmed it in an interview with CNBC yesterday CLICK HERE >>> to watch the interview :
“Based on the latest economic data, it looks like the third quarter is going to be well below 1 percent, and certainly closer to zero than to 1 percent, based on the current data,” Roubini told CNBC. “And that’s just the beginning of the second half of the year.” Roubini said several factors that acted as tailwinds boosting the economy in the first half of the year “are going to be essentially headwinds” in the second half.

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