Saturday, September 3, 2011

Roubini : We are in a worse situation than we were in 2008

"No More Policy Rabbits Left" Nouriel Roubini, Co-founder and Chairman of Roubini Global Economics said Speaking at the Ambrosetti Forum on the shores of Lake Como, in Northern Italy on Friday 02 Sep 2011 “We are in a worse situation than we were in 2008. This time around we have fiscal austerity and banks that are being cautious.” he added ."The market may rally but unless the real economic data moves with asset prices, then eventually asset prices are going to go," he said. "Last year the economic data was already improving when QE2 was introduced." "Every time we had an economic downturn and a market downturn, we had all the policy bullets, we'd take another policy rabbit out of the hat and try to restimulate the economy and the market, but this time around we'll have fiscal austerity throughout advanced economies, our ability to backstop banks and financial institutions is limited by the fact that there is resistance to it and not every country can weaken their currency," he explained

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