Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Roubini Global Economics is for Sale ?

CNBC announced today that RGE Roubini Global Economics is for Sale , " Roubini Global Economics The economics research firm that was founded by Nouriel Roubini is for sale. it has grown quickly since the founding by Mr. Roubini who is its chairman and known for predicting much of the financial gloom that befell us in the '07 and '08 period. the firm has 85 employees, and it is still losing money according to people who have seen the offering book for the sale. the firm is project to have revenues of $14 billion and lose about $2 million. it projects about 8% revenue growth next year " said CNBC

1 comment:

jhon apps said...

14 billions of usd is very high price.
and you did not share about your self that who are you and y are you selling this.

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