Thursday, October 25, 2012

Roubini Exclusive Interview ~ El ConfidencialTv

Video Description : Nouriel Roubini (Istanbul, 1959) talks like a priest, and at the bottom is. Although his flock are secular markets. Cross your hands and not move one iota from the edge of the table, indicating some confidence in their gestural communication. Wear something black tie worn by use and looks like a preacher. No one would say that this is an economic guru. It looks ordinary guy. He's used to indoctrinate public speaking and very difficult, but quietly. Is monotone and smooth, even firing at all: Merkel, central banks, IMF ... It comes from halfway around the world and tell the truth of the boatman. His truths. Some consider the last ominous, but so far the weather has almost always proved right. Yesterday lectured at the Rafael del Pino.

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