Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Nouriel Roubini ‏: We are likely headed to Sequester on March 1st

Nouriel Roubini
GOP claims 2 be willing to accept sequester with large defense cuts as a way to force reform of entitlements as the pressure will be on Dems
In game of chicken, GOP claims it has more leverage than in cliff game as then tax increases were automatic while in seq, spendin cuts areGOP claims willin 2 take that pain @mattyglesias: @Nouriel How does that work? We'll slash defense spending unless Dems agree 2 cut Soc Sec?Senior GOP House leader told me in Davos at the #WEF that GOP is willing to trigger sequester to force significant entitlement reformConsumer confidence falls sharply in January as payroll tax cut is phased out. And we are likely headed to sequester on March 1st - in twitter
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