Friday, February 15, 2013

Roubini : If The fear premium goes up that is a negative for the global economy

Nouriel Roubini : The combination of all of them going in the wrong direction, and they don’t have to become virulent – if we have a bigger fiscal drag, if the problems in the eurozone become worse, if the landing of China is hard rather than softer, and, short of a war between Israel and Iran, if negotiation and sanction fail, then Israel is going to start to talk about war: the fear premium goes up … and that is a negative for the global economy.”

“Instability in the Middle East is an issue: and the instability is not just tension between Israel and Iran – that if there were to become violent they could spike global oil prices to double the current level and tip the global economy into recession. If you look at the Middle East, all from Maghreb, Algeria to Afghanistan and Pakistan, there is geopolitical tension that could have economic consequences.”

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