Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Roubini to Repubblica : The Markets will punish Italy

Nouriel Roubini "With the crisis soon spread to the $ 300 even now, the markets may punish Italy " "It is breaking due to Berlusconi's unofficial pact, a kind of gentlemen's agreement that was to avoid any political upheaval before the German elections. We live in a state of" controlled volatility "but if the situation is screwed, as now seems tutt 'nothing but impossible, the consequences could be very heavy for Italy. "
Roubini told the Italian newspaper La Repubblica : 
Read More in Italian http://www.repubblica.it/politica/2013/08/26/news/nouriel_roubini_con_la_crisi_spread_presto_a_quota_300_gi_da_oggi_i_mercati_possono_punire_l_italia-65318923/ >>>>
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