Saturday, August 31, 2013

The West is showing more signs of Recovery

"I do not think we are finished with the rout in any of the emerging market asset classes, maybe we are more than midway but there is more to come. After all, what we know about the global environment is that the West is showing more signs of recovery. That points to tapering from the Fed.

We do not know exactly when that tapering is going to come. We do not know how much tapering is going to be. We do not know yet when the tapering will be followed by stop in the expansion of the Fed’s base money, more do we know when and by how much the Fed will tighten.

There are lots of stages in the shift in the US and therefore the global monetary and financial conditions environment that have yet to take place that would stretch out for a couple of years and it is that uncertainty and the threat of the coming reduction in the easing of monetary conditions that precipitated all this and on top of that now we have the Syrian situation becoming more escalated.

So, countries like India which are capital thirsty are still going to be in the forefront of this risk reduction episode across global markets." - in CNBC TV18
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