Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Nouriel Roubini, The long-term aspirations of Vladimir Putin

Originally posted in Romanian @ http://www.cotidianul.ro/nouriel-roubini-despre-aspiratiile-pe-termen-lung-ale-lui-vladimir-putin-245164/  and translated below :

Unfortunately, the USA and EU sanctions that have been imposed only Russia could have the effect of reinforcing the beliefs of Putin and his advisers as Slavophiles nationalists that Russia's future lies not only in the West but also in an integration project different in the East, writes Nouriel Roubini, in an article published by Les Echos.

Escalating conflict in Ukraine, the Western-backed government and separatists backed by Russia, raises a fundamental question: what are the long term aspirations of the Kremlin? While the objective of Russian President Vladimir Putin was the first phase in a limited control over the Crimea and the preservation of a certain influence on Ukrainian business, long-term ambition is shown to be more courageous.

This ambition is increasingly evident. In a famous statement, Putin said that the collapse of the Soviet Union was the greatest catastrophe of the twentieth century. Thus, his goal is to rebuild long-term entity, in one form or another by means of a supranational union consisting of Member States, like the European Union.
Great Eurasian Economic Union

A suction least surprising: whatever the problem its decline, Russia is considered a great power surrounded by buffer states. Between countries, Russia Imperial was able to expand. During Bolshevik Russia came to build the Soviet Union created a sphere of influence which included much of Central and Eastern Europe. And behold, from now on, under the equally autocratic Putin, Russia is trying to establish progressively a large Eurasian Economic Union (UEE).

Nouriel Roubini is an American professor of Economics at New York University`s Stern School of Business and chairman of RGE Roubini Global Economics
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